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93% Sulfuric Acid Storage Tank

When a top-notch, contract packaging/private label manufacturer, located in central Illinois needed to replace their interior coated, carbon steel Sulfuric Acid tank, they called CRECO for assistance.  CRECO, Inc. sells tanks of any material of construction, and supplied comparative pricing to this client for the polyethylene tank they originally requested, as well as a duplicate in coated carbon steel.  Not only did CRECO provide them those prices, but we also recommended, and quoted, a NON-COATED, heavy-wall construction, carbon steel tank with a desiccant drier assembly to dry the incoming vented air, essentially, purchasing “corrosion allowance”.

With CRECO’s vast experience in storing concentrated Sulfuric Acid, we have found that very few customers have the time, money, expertise, or inclination to perform preventative maintenance on coatings or linings in these aggressive applications.  Especially today, with confined space entry requirements, most customers don’t want their maintenance people entering tanks, whatsoever.

The tank and desiccant drier assembly have been installed for many years now, without any down time required for maintenance, even when changing out the desiccant material.  Maintenance can be done to the desiccant drier from the ground, outside the tank, even with the tank in operation.  Allowing the tank to “breath” dry air, instead of moisture laden air, prolongs the life of the tank, and reduces “Hydrogen grooving”.  By suggesting the extra heavy wall construction, CRECO saved the client the cost of the interior coating, and the ongoing maintenance required, allowing the tank to last at least 20 years, like this tank is well on its way to doing.

Let CRECO put our combined 60+ years of experience and consultative sales approach to work for you!



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