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Carbon Steel
Oily Water Tank

The end-user client first removes oil laden sludge from their process at their flagship steel mill in northern Indiana. Once that product is pumped to these two 30,000 gallon, 12’ diameter x 36’ tall tanks, the goal is to separate and recover the oil from the sludge. Because this new product has such a thick consistency, their consulting engineering firm specified an EXTERNAL-SLOPED bottom tank, with a 12” sloped bottom (1” per foot of tank diameter)!   So the shorter side is 35’ long, and the longer side is 36’ long.  This severe 12” sloped bottom proved to be no problem for the concrete contractor to pour a matching sloped pad.  That was interesting to see, for sure!  These tanks were built in accordance with API 650, Appendix J for shop built tanks, and ASME Section IX for weld procedures and welder qualifications.


One of the attractive features that CRECO offered, and subsequently supplied, was the FACTORY MOUNTED INSULATION AND stucco-embossed aluminum sheathing, saving the end-user thousands of dollars vs. field-installed insulation.

The interior of these tanks were sandblasted and 2 coats of a white epoxy were applied and the exterior received 1 coat, even though it was immediately covered with insulation and the exterior sheath.

These tanks weighed 20,000# each, and were no problem for CRECO to arrange shipping to the project site.   Unloading and setting by the contractor proved to be a snap as well, thanks to the use of two cranes!

 Why not let CRECO supply your next metal tank project, with or without insulation?





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