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Wax Storage Tank

When a manufacturer of wax coated paper for the meat, poultry and fast food industry needed to increase their production capacity, the wax storage tank was a significant piece of the puzzle!  CRECO was called to help determine the best tank design and configuration to meet their needs.  After gathering all the information, CRECO supplied a 10000 gallon, 10’ diameter x 18’ tall, factory insulated, carbon steel storage tank with an internal steam pipe coil to allow the solid wax to be melted into a flowable product quickly and efficiently.

When paraffin wax is melted, there are combustible vapors that can form in the vapor space of the tank.  Because of this, the tank was designed and built to UL142 standards and included an 8” vent with emergency relief valve in the tank top.  Additional features included a “full drain” fitting to drain off water that would settle to the bottom, and various temperature and recirculation connections.

Although CRECO did not install this tank, we did refer the customer to an experienced installation contractor and were onsite when the tank was delivered to insure a safe and proper installation.

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