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Fiberglass Horizontal Tanks

When one of the premier Power Generation Consulting Engineering firms needed a tough job handled, they called CRECO for assistance. 

The problem: How to get 70,000 gallons of Dilution Water storage on the 3rd floor of an aging power generation plant, once they removed a turbine that was over 50 years old?

The solution: (2) 13’ diameter x 33’ long, horizontal FRP tanks.  These tanks were outfitted with (2) 24” dia. manways to allow ingress and egress for pump installations and future repairs and maintenance. 

Now shipping (2) 13’ diameter tanks with their accessories only required 3 trucks.  The real issue became getting the tanks inside a door that only measured 13’10” wide, so they could access their overhead cranes and take the tanks to the 3rd floor.  Our experienced driver was put to the test, and after only 1 hour of re-positioning himself and checking on clearances, we were able to get the tanks inside one by one!  The fit was every bit as tight as it appears!

Fiberglass tanks with fiberglass ladders, platforms, railings and grating were no match for the CRECO sales force, and we even made the consultant look good in the client’s eye’s, since we were able to fit those tanks inside that aging building, without having to remove one brick!

Why not let the CRECO sales force utilize their expertise on your project whether or not it’s an easy access project, or cramped for room?  CRECO can answer your questions about feasibility, with a simple site visit!  Let us come and see you, soon?










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