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Fiberglass Storage Tanks
1500 gallon Dished Bottom Ink Tanks


CRECO was called to perform initial budgetary pricing for tanks in several materials of construction for this global ink manufacturer building a new plant in the Midwest.  After reviewing various materials of construction across multiple applications, the customer decided to use fiberglass for the majority of their tank needs due to the combination of cost, expected service life, and flexibility.  In all, a total of 45 fiberglass tanks ranging from 1500 to 15000 gallons were supplied by CRECO.  Roughly 60% of the tanks had provisions for direct mounting industrial mixers to the tank tops utilizing heavy reinforced agitator flanges.

The logistics of managing a project of this size are daunting.  The tanks needed to be installed in a precise order as storage space was limited, while the sheer number of tanks meant shipping costs had to be controlled as well.  CRECO coordinated the manufacture and delivery of specific tank combinations to satisfy the aggressive construction schedule, while still utilizing full truckload shipments to minimize the freight costs.

In addition to the fiberglass tanks, CRECO also supplied a total of 13 Stainless Steel Mixing Tanks in various sizes.  See more information on that portion of the project under the “Stainless Steel” tab on our website!












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