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Fiberglass Insulated Tanks
26K Waste Dairy Product Storage Tanks

A national dairy products company hired a local design build firm to upgrade and increase their waste holding and treatment system at their facility in the Chicago area.  CRECO was called to help with the design and supply of the main bulk storage holding tanks.  The result was (2) 26000 gallon fiberglass storage tanks, 14’ diameter x 24’ tall, complete with internal stainless steel ASME steam coils, factory applied foam insulation, access ladder with crossover platform, and top tank handrails.

 Designing and manufacturing these tanks proved to be the easy part of this project.  With the plant located in a densely populated area with nearby residential housing, transporting tanks this large proved to be a challenge.  Several route studies were required to insure the tanks were delivered with no damage to the tanks or property along the way.  Once onsite, CRECO was there to insure the tanks were offloaded and set properly.

No matter what challenges your tank project faces, CRECO has the solution!











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