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Bolted Stainless Steel Tank

A U.S. Owned steel mill in Northern Indiana modernized its Chrome Treatment facility recently, and needed a rather large tank for Chromic Acid Equalization.  This tank is storing process water from the tin plating process, with .03% Chromic Acid and .045% Sulfuric Acid.  The pH ranges from 2.5 to 7.0.  This tank is 60,000 gallons and is 25’ diameter x 18’ tall.

The original specification called for a welded, carbon steel tank with a very expensive coating, that would have cost in excess of $170,000.00, but CRECO provided an alternate proposal for this bolted, T-304 S.S. bolted tank, which cost only $82,000.00, saving the customer 52% of the originally designed tank!

 The consulting Engineer compromised from his original fully welded design, and specified the tank bottom as welded in place construction, and the shell was then bolted, and jacked up from grade level, eliminating the need for expensive cranes and scaffolding.  This tank has no top, or cover on it, exactly per the consulting Engineer’s recommendation.

 As with the other 20 tanks that CRECO provided on the project, this bolted stainless steel tank will provide the steel mill many years of dependable, trouble free service.

 CRECO is “your one stop shop, for any kind of tank”!










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