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Field Erected Fiberglass Tanks

Arguably, the largest conglomerate steel mill in the country needed to replace an aging Waste Water storage tank.  The 40,000 gallon tank was over 25 years old, and an old “Cab-O-Wrap” design, consisting of cables supporting thin panels of pre-fabricated fiberglass (FRP).  These tanks were used extensively in the 60’s and 70’s, but are no longer available or specified.

 To provide the capacity required and utilize the existing “footprint”, CRECO quoted a self-supporting tank that is pre-fabricated at the factory in sections and then assembled in the field.  Because the tank is too large a diameter to ship over the road, the bottom and top are sectionalized and the shell sections are “OBLATED” to allow conventional shipping .  On the site, the sidewall sections are “PROLATED” back to their original diameter and fiberglass “welded” together.  Likewise, the top and bottom pieces are fiberglass welded and the whole tank is joined as one unit.  Lastly, fittings, manways, and accessory attachments are field located and glassed into place.


This tank was erected in 5 days with a crew of 4 men in March, when it’s still rather cold in NW Indiana!

Available in standard diameters of 16’, 20’, 25’, and 30’, and in heights as needed, size doesn’t matter to CRECO when it comes to fiberglass tanks!  Call us with your next requirement?