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550 gallon Effluent Tank

When a consulting engineer needed to design a treatment system for landfill leachate involving tanks in many shapes, sizes and materials, CRECO was the logical choice to call for help!

Not being tied to any certain material of construction allows CRECO to take an unbiased, consultant role with our customers when it comes to making recommendations.  In this case, the project involved tanks ranging in size from 120 gallons for a “rapid mix” tank to 10000 gallons for a waste storage and sludge settling tank.  In between were 550 gallon and 1100 gallon reaction and storage tanks.

Had the customer talked to a fiberglass tank manufacturer, the smaller tanks would have added significant dollars to the project total.  Had they talked to a poly tank manufacturer, the 10000 gallon cone bottom tank would have been expensive, and subject to a shorter service life due to the inherent stresses in a cone bottom tank on a stand.  Partnering with CRECO allowed them to receive the best product for each specific application, taking into account budget, application, and service life.

Additionally, having a single point of contact for all the tanks on the project simplified the ordering, approving, and delivery and installation of the tanks.  CRECO coordinated everything across multiple manufacturers, saving the customer time, money, and headaches!








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