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Double Wall Tank Farm

An international chemical manufacturer specializing in dairy sanitation chemicals was expanding their domestic raw material and finished goods storage area and needed significant storage capacity.  Having worked with CRECO in the past, they again called on CRECO for assistance.

The customer had to be sure to comply with local regulations concerning spill containment and control.  They evaluated several options including single wall tanks in dikes, but ultimately decided to use double wall polyethylene storage tanks, which at the time were a relatively new product.  In spite of being somewhat of a test case with a newly developed product, a total of 24-3500 gallon double wall tanks were ultimately installed in the tank farm, with several more scattered throughout the facility!

Given the variety of chemicals being stored, both cross-linked and linear polyethylene tanks were required.  Additionally, many combinations of fittings, gaskets, and encapsulated head bolts were required to resist the various chemistries.  CRECO worked closely with the customer and tank manufacturer to insure the proper fittings, gaskets, and hardware were specified for each service.  As tanks started to arrive, CRECO was there to make sure serial numbers matched the proper construction and storage criteria to insure a smooth installation.

Fast forward 10+ years later, and these tanks are still performing well, albeit in a new location on the West Coast.  A couple still remain in the Midwest, having been “retired” to a simpler hot and cold water application, where we expect they will last for many years to come!






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