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Sodium Hypochlorite Storage Tanks

CRECO has been in business since 1984, so when a long time customer needed help with an application to store Sodium Hypochlorite, they immediately knew who to call!  After gathering the appropriate information, CRECO went to work on a solution.

Storing Sodium Hypochlorite is one of the toughest applications we routinely face.  When stored outdoors, precautions must be taken to protect the tank (and the bleach) from UV rays and heat, which can not only quickly degrade the strength of the Hypo, but can also cause off gassing and free chlorine to be released, which can cause stress cracking and attack in polyethylene tanks.

CRECO’s solution in this particular case was a SPECIALLY FORMULATED, opaque white LINEAR resin specifically designed to reflect the damaging UV rays as well as reflect the heat of the sun.  Being outside without a containment dike, we provided the tank in double wall construction to contain any primary tank leaks.  A ladder to access the top manway, sight glass for level indication, wind and seismic rated restraint system, and Flexmaster® flexible connection complete the system!

From the simplest water storage application to the toughest chemical application, call CRECO for all your tank needs!














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