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Stainless Steel
1500 gallon Ink Batch Tanks

As part of a newly constructed ink manufacturing facility, CRECO was asked for a proposal to supply several stainless steel mixing tanks.  As stainless steel was extremely volatile during this time frame due to soaring nickel prices, CRECO and the customer looked for less costly materials to 304SS to maintain the overall project budget.  After careful application review, CRECO proposed using Series 201 stainless steel for the tank shells, heads, and covers.  Additional cost savings were also realized by using carbon steel with poison pads for the support legs and mixer bridge assemblies.

Series 201 Stainless Steel has a lower nickel content than 304 stainless, yet offers similar weld ability and corrosion resistance.  It is most commonly used in appliances, sinks, restaurant equipment, and architectural trim applications.

As with the fiberglass tanks on this project, delivery schedules and freight costs were important to the project’s success.  CRECO coordinated the shipment and delivery of all the tanks to maintain the project schedule.

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