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Stainless Steel
7000 gallon T-316L Mixing Tanks

When a Chicago-based contract packager decided they needed (2) new additional mixing tanks for their dishwashing gel manufacturing expansion, they called on CRECO, Inc. for the knowledge and recommendations that CRECO had supplied in the past.  The client evaluated the differences in T-316 S.S. and T-316-L grade S.S. and decided on the dual-certified material, T-316/T-316L, which is extra-low carbon content.  The client was also pleasantly surprised when CRECO recommended and subsequently supplied the tanks with factory-mounted insulation with a protective S.S. sheath on the outside.  Aesthetics is a priority in their facility, so the standard mill finish sheet materials, with buffed and polished welds, were a must!

The short legs that CRECO provided, mated up with their LOAD CELLS perfectly, and the agitator support assembly was bolted and welded to the flat top of the tank.  The cone bottom design, allows for 100% full drainage, and the mixer bridge was designed to accommodate the client-supplied agitators.

CRECO, Inc. is a TANK specialist, but can also provide BRAWN Mixers to allow us to provide a complete “package” mixing system.  BRAWN Mixers are more economical than the industry leader and utilize completely interchangeable parts with the name brand mixer, so switching over to a more cost-effective mixer is a snap!  Let CRECO supply your next tank/mixer package?






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