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Stainless Steel Tanks
13,000 gallon Cone Bottom Storage Tank

When one of the leading hair care companies in the Chicago area calls for help on a sanitary S.S. vessel, they call in one of the best suppliers of polished, sanitary Stainless Steel vessels, CRECO, Inc.

Delivery being critical, the client needed the electrically heat-traced and insulated tank with a stainless steel “sheath”, before the dead of winter set in.  The 13,000 gallon tank was 12’ dia. x 13.5” shell x 23’ tall.  The Sodium Lauryl Sulfate tank needed to maintain 100 deg. F @ -20 deg. F, in the outdoor Chicago winters.  No problem for the CRECO tank folks!

By installing the client recommended heating tape, with 4 individual circuits, mounted underneath 2” Thermowool insulation and #4 finish S.S. sheath, we were able to maintain that 100 deg. F temperature, year round!

Polished, sanitary finish tanks are just one of the things that CRECO does.  Let us provide you a price the next time you’re looking for a highly polished, sanitary tank whether or not it’s #2B; #4 or #7 or an Electropolished vessel?










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